3 comments on “Duel Monster The movie series Episode 2 trailer

  1. Could I please be in your Duel Monster Series. I have several decks, but no one to play with. If I could be in it, that would be like a dream come true. I could possibly help with your english subbing, as your sentences come out a little broken. I also have a great deck for me to use. I live in America, but we could duel over Ipads or something else. My deck is a Dark World/Guardian/Chain Deck that would have the Winged Dragon of Ra in it. I have a complete duel outlayed, and I put a lot of effort into it.The duel is very intricate, and long. There’s 15 turns. I got lucky, and finished it in the first try, with everything working out completely. Also, the only card that would be new in your deck is Pot of Greed and Mystical Space Typhoon. The duel uses forbidden cards. The only card I’m missing is Card of Sanctity, and I would be using it’s anime effect. Also, I planned a duel with either Bence or Beze, that would last only two turns, so I could prove I’m worthy of dueling you. I also have it planned so the Egyptian Gods are used. I hope you let me be in an episode.

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